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8Option was founded by a highly experienced team of online investment specialists dedicated to providing a broad choice of innovative binary and forex products suited to every level of trader. We are committed to offering first class, professional support, and expert one-on-one guidance available in your language, 24 hours a day. Benefit from a secure stable and user-friendly platform delivering next generation trading tools, a unique array of valuable market resources and a packed multi-media educational center.







about trading methods

A Complete Product Portfolio


Predict whether the value of the asset will rise above, or fall below the opening price by the time the position closes. Expiries can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours and payouts can reach up to 185%. Just choose an asset, pick a direction, up (HIGH) or down (LOW), and select an investment amount.


Anticipate whether the asset will remain within its present price borders or break out of them. If you believe the asset value will drop below the floor of its current range then click LOW. Alternatively, if you believe the asset price will go above the ceiling of its current boundary, click HIGH.

One Touch

Decide whether the asset will hit a preset target price, either above or below its current value at some point prior to the expiry time. If you think the trade will touch the target above the current price, click TOUCH-UP. If you think it will hit the target below the present rate, click TOUCH-DOWN.

Short Term

Experience the adrenaline rush of fast-paced, short term investing, and complete a trade in as little as 60 seconds. Seize the market moment and pick an expiry time ranging from one to five minutes, then instantly execute your trade via our dynamic and highly responsive binary options platform.

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Education & Webinars

Learn to Trade Like The Professionals


Explore our multi-media education center and find effective training tools to suit your experience level

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Pick up basic trading techniques or hone your skills with the advanced investment strategies used by the experts

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Cross Exchange Trading

Instantly access the global market via any device. Trade multiple financial products and enjoy rich functionality via a powerful, secure platform, taking advantage of fresh investment opportunities the second they arise.


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① バイナリーオプション取引による金融取引を行う場合、その取引においては、投資資金の一部または全てを失う可能性がございます。そのため、それぞれの取引において、損失を被ってはならない必要な資金を、これらの金融取引に投資しないようご注意ください。

② バイナリーオプション取引には、為替や金利などの変動リスク、流動性リスク、信用リスク、電子取引によるリスクなどの取引リスクにより、損失が発生するおそれがあります。

③ ウェブサイト上で表示されている各銘柄の取引価格は、お客様が購入される時点での弊社の提示価格であり、その時点での同一銘柄の価格と必ずしも一致していません。

④ 弊社サイトへアクセスされる全ての方は、弊社サイトにアクセスすることがそれぞれの居住国 で規定されている法律、規制に違反していないことを確認する責任があります。

⑤ 取引によって生じた利益に関して、お客様の居住国の法律に則り、所得税 を支払う義務が発生する可能性につき、ご留意ください。

⑥ 取引システム、サーバーまたはお客様及び金融商品取引業者を繋ぐ通信回線などが正常に作動しないことにより、注文の発注、執行、確認、取消しなどが行われない場合がございます。